Avoid living in mental poverty with these 10 practical money tips

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This one is for the extreme savers out there — those of you that call yourself frugal but sometimes worry you might border on cheap.

As a frugal person myself, it has become harder and harder for me to spend money without feeling guilty.

I’ve discovered many people also feel this way. We don’t often admit it, even to ourselves, but that guilt is constantly there when spending money.

Stashing your cash is great and can help you achieve goals, but Scrooge McDuck and Mr. Burns didn’t seem very happy and probably didn’t have many friends (Smithers doesn’t count). …

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Traditionally, financial independence involves earning, saving, and investing a large sum of money in your early years so that work becomes optional well before conventional retirement.

The idea is to do the hard work upfront in your 20s and 30s — pursuing promotions or taking on side hustles to earn more money while also cutting back your expenses so that you can save half or more of your income.

Some people may choose to stick it out in a job that they dislike because the salary is high and will allow them to reach their financial independence number as quickly…

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Financial independence and financial freedom. There are plenty of definitions and ways to think about these terms. In fact, they are often used interchangeably in the personal finance space.

However, by framing them as distinct, with financial independence as a numerical goal and financial freedom as a state of mind, you will ultimately lead a more meaningful and successful financial journey.

While financial independence is an amazing goal, achieving a mindset of financial freedom is equally important. It is also possible to reach financial freedom and the benefits that come with it, well before you reach financial independence.

What is financial independence?

As a…

Financial freedom, 17 syllables at a time

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For 4 years, I was a high school English teacher in the Bay Area. Luckily for my sake, I escaped teaching poetry lessons for the most part. I’m not a poetry pro, but there is one type of poem I love — the Haiku. They’re simple, short, and beautiful. 5 syllables. 7 syllables. 5 syllables. Rhyming? Not necessary. Funny? Sometimes. Enlightening? They can be!

I wondered if there were haikus that existed that could teach us invaluable lessons about money. It turns out, absolutely. The following haikus aren’t Shakespearian, but I’ll share 5 and discuss a big takeaway from each.

That was a whirlwind. An awesome whirlwind.

Source: Self. In the room where it happens…

Truth be told, my huge big goal for the year in my quest for building passive income streams (while helping others) is a whopping $30,000.

After 6 months of working my you-know-what off, I earned a grand total of $8,280. That puts me on track for $16,560, which would be roughly $14,000 less than my big goal. And you know what? I’m freaking proud of that.

Today I’ll explain exactly how I earned that $8,280 and my plans for the second half of the year. …

Plus, 10 strange hobbies and 10 underrate favorites to consider

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My foray into hobbies that can make you money started off innocently enough. I thought:

This’ll be easy. I’ll simply ask my trusty friend Google and look at the first few articles that show up and… 30 billion results?! How do I pick one? Every one of them on the first page looks great.

Then I thought,

What would science do?

Science would look at every front-page article. Write down every single hobby that can earn you money, put them in an Excel doc and determine out which ones were mentioned the most. Those must be the most popular or…

8 hours and these 25 ideas can change everything

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As I hope you already know from experience, taking an occasional mental health day is a fantastic idea, as it allows you to reset and catch up on rest. If you haven’t taken one in a while, or possibly ever, start there.

But then, try a money health day as well. Let’s discuss how invaluable this can be in your wealth-building journey and cover exactly what you could tackle with a list of ideas.

First off, I suggest you take it on a weekday. Take a day off from your job but still “work” a full day on your personal…

I’ll follow these rules until I die

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I was browsing Medium the other day, and I came across this excellent article called 6 Money Rules I’ll Follow Until I Die. That got me thinking about mine. So naturally, I created my own version. Then I came up with 6 more. And 6 more. And a few more after that for good measure…

Today I bring you my 21 personal finance commandments because money is stressful enough, so why pull death into it? That said, I’ve often seen not having enough money cited as a bigger fear than death, but I digress.

I agree with the original article…

Plus, the affordable “pet assurance” option you might need

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According to the Animal Health Institute, owners in the US spend $9,000 to $13,000 for medical treatments over their pets’ lifetimes. Treating an average ailment can cost $3,500 alone. Despite this, only 2% of pet owners have pet insurance.

A year ago I adopted a now 1.2-year-old border collie mix, Leo. Instantly I spent hours researching pet insurance — a year after losing my previous best friend to cancer and paying a fortune in the process.

I decided to share that research in a YouTube video. After a couple of months, to my surprise, it “hit the algorithm” and tens…

#1. Get that FU money…

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That’s a 300 movie reference. Get it? Add a zero. 30 instead of Sparta. Moving on...

Let’s talk money goals. But not lame SMART goals. Exciting goals! Today I’m covering the top 5 goals you should set and conquer in your 30s for financial freedom in your 40s or 50s and beyond — maybe even early retirement, the most exciting goal of all.

Shit gets real in your 30s. You can get away with the “I’ll figure it out later” mentality in your 20s, but in your 30s, it’s time to do some real-life adulting financially.


Frankie Calkins

M. Ed. Seattle, WA. Marketing Manager by day. Personal finance YouTuber and Author by night and weekends. @TheMoneyResolution

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